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           The Folkloric Rancho of the Pawtucket Social Club represents many things for many people, but first and foremost it is most representative of a large family; one in which one of the most important aspects is the preservation and celebration of Portuguese culture and traditions. Many of us here in the committee have grown up immersed in this culture and with this Rancho forming last relationships, which last to this day.

            In this manner, we realize more than most the importance of the continuation of the traditions to which we were exposed as we grew. As such, one of the things that makes this Rancho so special is the fact that we as a group focus on traditions that are representative of not just one region.  Instead we have traditional outfits and songs of multiple regions comprised of the mainland Portugal, the Azores and Madeira Islands. These outfits represent snippets of culture and traditions which have been passed down over time from one generation to the next.

            From the numerous performances around New England, California and Portugal, festivals, and different cultural events. We strive to expose those of the next generation to these traditions and instill within them the sense of accomplishment and success that comes in keeping this culture alive. We invite anyone with interest or curiosity to seek us out either as a spectator or by participating in the multiple events that we have forthcoming.

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