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About Us

               The Folkloric Rancho of the Portuguese Social Club was founded in 1992 by Portuguese immigrants and descendants as a not-for-profit organization focusing on the preservation of Portuguese Culture and tradition. In its 26 years of existence the group has had the pleasure of performing in numerous festivals and events ranging from New York, New Jersey, California, Portugal and the greater New England area.

               The group is comprised of 40 or so volunteer members that make up the committee, dancers, singers and musicians whose ages range from 5 to 70 years old. Each dancer is dressed with a unique costume that portrays the traditional dress of a certain region in Portugal, Azores, and Madeira .The members volunteer their time to help continue their culture, in return, they hope to have the opportunity to visit and perform in other areas.

               Over the years the group has had the opportunity and pleasure to visit many new places and participate in a variety of Portuguese festivals and events. From typical Portuguese festivals in the areas, to dinners, a yearly participation in historic Bristol 4th of July parade, and a crowning achievement of performing in the Beira Alta region of Portugal.

               Memories such as these have allowed the members of the group to experience Portuguese culture in a way many would not have had the opportunity to experience. Also, it allows us as a group to give back to the community in helping to preserve the culture and traditions of Portugal. All in a hope that we will be able to pass on this experience to the younger generations.

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